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    • Four Factors Affecting the Bearing Oil Seal Function of Harmonic Reducer

      In order to give full play to the oil seal function of the bearing of harmonic reducer, the most suitable material must be selected according to the operating conditions. Now let's look at the four factors that affect the oil seal function. 1. The surface linear velocity of the shaft: Under the same diameter condition, oil seals made of different materials have different ability to adapt to the rotation linear velocity of the shaft surface. The linear speed range of oil seal is generally less than 15 mm/s. Good lubrication and good heat dissipation conditions are the decisive factors. The corresponding lower data is suitable for more stringent conditions. 2. Temperature: Because of the friction between the surface of the rotating shaft and the sealing parts of the oil seal, the temperature of the sealing parts is higher than that of the oil liquid. Generally, the temperature of the edge of the oil seal is higher than that of the working medium at 20-50 degrees Celsius. With the increase of rotational speed, the temperature at the sealing edge increases with the increase of pressure. In addition, the oil seal with dust-proof device will be 20 degrees higher than that without dust-proof device. When exceeding the allowable temperature, the working life of the bearing oil seal of harmonic reducer will be shortened, which will cause premature permanent hardening of the sealing parts and increased wear and tear. The working temperature range of oil seal is related to the material used in oil seal: when the material is NBR, it is - 40 ~ 120 (?), ACM - 30 ~ 180 (?), FPM - 25 ~ 300 (?) If you want to know more about cross roller bearings. 3. Pressure: Oil seals are mainly used under non-pressure or micro-pressure conditions. The maximum working pressure is 0.02~0.05 Mpa. When the working pressure exceeds this value, the pressure-resistant oil seal should be selected. 4. Dust-proof: In order to prevent pollutants, dust, and moisture from entering the sealing chamber from the air side, it is recommended that the oil seal with dust-proof device be used in the bearing of harmonic reducer. If the contaminant intrusion is serious, it is recommended to use two oil seals and install them in series one after the other.<了解详情>

    • Gear Faults and Typical Spectrum and Waveform Characteristics

      Gear failure: Tooth wear: A good indication of gear wear is not the gear meshing frequency, but the natural frequency of the gear. Gear load is large: in general, when the load is high, there will be a high gear meshing frequency and its harmonic frequency. Gear meshing clearance: When the gear meshes with clearance, the side frequency band around the meshing frequency will appear. Gear eccentricity: It can cause gear meshing frequency and natural frequency vibration, and produce side frequency band of faulty gear at the same time. Gear misalignment: When the gear misalignment occurs, it usually produces higher harmonics of gear meshing frequency, and the amplitude of frequency doubling is lower and that of frequency doubling is higher. Gear broken teeth or massive spalling: At this time, a higher vibration will occur at the speed frequency and natural frequency of the gear, and there will be obvious impact in the time domain. Analysis of Gear Fault Spectrum and Waveform Characteristics 1) Faulty gears have larger vibration components in meshing frequency and harmonic frequency. 2) Side band modulated near meshing frequency and its harmonic component. The modulation frequency represented by the side-frequency spacing may be (a) Speed of each axis (input shaft, output shaft and intermediate shaft); B) Fluctuation frequency of external speed or load; C) Wave meshing frequency. That is (meshing frequency)/(minimum common multiple of rotational speed of active and passive gears) D) If there are two or more faults at the same time, the sum or difference of the fault frequencies can also become the modulation frequencies, which are called intermediate frequencies. 3) For helical gears, helical gears and herringbone gears, the axial vibration is large, and the spectrum characteristics are the same as that of radial vibration. 4) Instrument settings: The highest analysis frequency is about 4 times of gear meshing frequency. Spectrum (including zoom spectrum, cepstrum), 800 lines. Because of the complexity of spectrum analysis of gearbox, it is difficult to identify it. An effective and feasible method is to collect the reference frequency spectrum for each gear box under its good working condition, and to find the problem by comparing it with the reference frequency spectrum in condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. For the measurement of bearing parts, if the vibration of each part is very large, it may generally be a gear problem, and if the vibration of individual bearing parts is large, it may be a bearing problem.<了解详情>

    • Dislocation Grinding Technology for Improving Machining Accuracy of Ring Radial Runout

      The radial runout deviation Fr of gear ring is one of the most important accuracy indexes in the non-mandatory inspection of gears. According to the number of tooth surfaces processed at the same time, the grinding methods of gears can be divided into one-sided grinding method and two-sided grinding method. The working principle of large plane grinding wheel grinding machine (Y7125, SRS405, etc.) belongs to the one-sided generating grinding method. First, the same name tooth surface of one side of the gear is machined, then the gear is turned 180 degrees, and then the other side is machined after clamping. The working principle of conical grinding wheel grinding machine and worm grinding wheel grinding machine belongs to the two-sided generating grinding method. The processing of left and right tooth surfaces of a certain alveolar can be completed at the same time by one clamp.<了解详情>

    • Meshing impact in gear processing and assembly

      When a pair of gears are machined, the elastic deformation of the gears will occur to a certain extent during the meshing process, so whenever a pair of gears engage, the load of the original meshed teeth will be relatively reduced, and they will immediately restore the deformation to the load position, thus giving the gear body a tangential acceleration, coupled with the bending of the original meshed teeth under load. Deformation and gear manufacturing errors make it impossible to get the smooth contact of the theoretical tooth profile during the whole process from meshing to meshing, resulting in the so-called meshing impact force. Under this excitation, the gear will also stimulate the gear's circumferential vibration, radial vibration and axial vibration, thus generating noise and transmitting it through the air and solid media, thus gear meshing. The vibration of a pair of transmission gears caused by connection impact force and meshing impact force in the process of engagement is called the main reason of noise radiation. When describing the mechanism of generating gear vibration and noise, we can regard the gear as a spring-mass vibration system, the gear as a spring, and the gear as a mass, the nodal impact force and meshing impact force as an external force, which results in the vibration of the gear in the circumferential direction, and through the shafting, the bearing induces the vibration of the gear in the radial and axial directions. The motion is transmitted to the gearbox through the shaft, bearing and bearing seat, which causes the vibration of the box wall, even induces the vibration of the whole device, and radiates into the air as the noise of the gearbox.<了解详情>

    • Gear Strength Control of Gear Reducer

      Gear reducer is a kind of gear reducer equipment which achieves the purpose of deceleration by rotating gears. What factors influence the gear strength of gear reducer? The strength of gears in gear reducers is generally referred to as contact strength and bending strength. The contact strength of gear reducer is related to many factors, such as modulus, bending strength and tooth surface hardness, among which the hardness of tooth surface is the most important one. In order to make the gear reducer drive effect better, it is necessary to ensure the strong contact strength of the gears. When choosing gear reducer equipment, special attention should be paid to the accuracy, hardness and tooth surface modification of the gear manufacturing process. In addition to these, lubricants are often added to the gears of the gear reducer to ensure the smooth rotation. The gear bending strength of gear reducer needs to be improved a little bit, which is directly related to the gear bending strength of gear reducer. There are many factors affecting the bending strength of gears in gear reducer, such as material, modulus, number of teeth, pressure angle, transmission form, load type and so on. Therefore, the gear strength control of gear reducer is affected by contact strength and bending strength. If we want to get a better deceleration effect, we need to select a gear reducer properly, so that the data of these factors can add points to the working efficiency of gear reducer.<了解详情>

    • Cause Analysis of Common Errors in Gear Processing

      Gear, as an indispensable basic part in manufacturing, directly or indirectly affects the precision of product equipment and the precision of production products. In order to improve the quality of equipment and products, the precision and precision of gear itself must be improved. In the actual gear production, because of the existence of machine tool accuracy, fixture, processing technology and other errors, gear processing errors will occur. This paper makes a brief analysis of the errors in gear processing. Errors in the Precision of Machining Machine Tools The precision of gear machine tool is affected by two main factors. The first is that the machine tool itself is composed of many parts such as gears, screw, table and so on. The accuracy and coordination of various parts directly affect the accuracy of the machine tool squeak; the second is that in the process of production and processing, in the direction of the longitudinal or transverse axis diameter of the machine tool, the vibration of the mechanical transmission will cause different degrees of jumping; the third is the ambient temperature. The degree change will cause the expansion and contraction of metal parts and materials. The accuracy of the machine tool itself changes. Errors in processing fixtures and Fixtures In manufacturing and processing gears, reference holes and fixture central axes will be set on production equipment. In the production process of holes and central axes, errors will occur because of the manufacturer's artificial errors, and errors will occur because of the errors of machine tools and fixtures themselves. Moreover, the accuracy error of fixture in our province will affect the gear accuracy. Therefore, in the process of production, the performance of machine tools directly restricts the stability of processing. If the clamping is tighter, jump errors will occur due to vibration, resulting in the relative displacement between the gear axis and the processing midpoint. Errors in Gear Processing In the process of gear processing, no matter how to arrange production and processing technology, as long as there are different process combinations, there will inevitably be production and processing errors. A gear production must be composed of multiple processes, which can not be eliminated, but can only be reduced.<了解详情>

    • Main Morphology and Causes of Sprocket Rust

      Corrosion and rust are surface damage phenomena caused by chemical reaction between metal surface and surrounding media. Corrosion can be divided into spots, time and pits according to different degrees. 1. Spots: punctate or strip. The color is light gray or reddish brown with no depth. 2. Etching: Punctate, strip or sheet, gray-black in color, slightly feel. 3. Erosion pits: punctate, strip or sheet, red-brown or black in color, with obvious hand feeling. The main causes of sprocket rust are as follows: 1. The quality of steel is affected by material price. For example, the high content of non-metallic impurities in steels (the increase of sulfur content in steels makes the corrosion resistance of materials decrease), and the deviation of metallographic structure, etc. 2. The quality of rust-proof lubricating oil and kerosene used by enterprises in production can not meet the requirements of technological requirements. 3. In the production process, the enterprise does not strictly follow the requirements of cleaning and anti-rust regulations and oil seal anti-rust packaging to prevent rust of parts and finished products in the process of processing. For example, the chain is in contact with corrosive liquids or gases. 4. The environmental conditions of some enterprises are poor, the content of harmful substances in the air is high, and the turnaround site is too small to carry out effective anti-rust treatment. In addition to the hot weather, production workers violate the rules of rust prevention and other phenomena also exist. Corrosion will make sprockets lose their original luster, strength, toughness and so on. We need to operate correctly according to the characteristics of sprockets in the production and storage process to avoid sprockets corrosion.<了解详情>

    • Chain Wheel Wear Can't Be Used? Repairing sprockets can effectively reduce costs 发布时间:2018-12-28 浏览:498次 字

      Sprocket has a wide range of applications. Sprocket wear will increase with the use of time, resulting in a reduction in the strength of sprocket teeth, resulting in tooth deformation or fracture. Often damage is caused by severe wear or broken teeth in the chain socket part, and other parts remain intact. Gear damage is the practice of most people, often discarded and not used, choose a new sprocket for replacement. Indeed, sprockets are fragile parts, easy to wear and tear, and need frequent replacement. Is that the only way to discard sprockets after wear and tear? In fact, we can repair and reuse the waste sprockets, which can not only effectively reduce production costs, but also reuse resources.<了解详情>